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  • Floodplains may be very wide in relation to the size of the river channel.
  • Much of the former town site now lies under the reservoir and floodplains.
  • The two rivers between them share one of the West Coast's larger floodplains.
  • Swamps and floodplains occur where standing water is present for only some parts of the year.
  • Major river systems with wide floodplains cut through the plains and discharge into the bay.
  • In several places the sea had broken through these natural defenses and created extensive floodplains in the north.
  • It was most likely established because of its proximity to some of the major floodplains in the valley.
  • Most of the private land is located near floodplains.
  • The growth of the city from the 1970s on has brought development down from the hill onto the floodplains.
  • Some narrow floodplains of the Henry River are situated within the station boundaries.
  • They are generally found near rivers or over floodplains.
  • It is approximately one to ten metres above the nearby floodplains.
  • Both rivers have small floodplains that allow for development and agriculture.
  • The environment of the state consists of extensive low lying floodplains, mountains and valleys.
  • The plant was then well placed to take over the vast floodplains of the Adelaide River.
  • There is little physical relief, as the township lies almost entirely on the floodplains of the two rivers.
  • A series of floodplains filled the vacated eastern part of the state.
  • The cost is also increasing partly because of building in exposed areas such as coasts and floodplains.
  • These are old floodplains that remain relatively high above the present floodplain and indicate former courses of a stream.
  • The Missouri Bottom area between the two other floodplains is largely agricultural, but is being increasingly developed.
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Root form of floodplains is floodplain for the noun.

Meaning of floodplains

  • noun A low plain adjacent to a river that is formed chiefly of river sediment and is subject to flooding