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  • The floodplain environment is easily subject to change, by natural or human activities.
  • Floodplain and fire considered being the major threat to this kind of species.
  • The main structure is located on a rock ridge just above the floodplain.
  • Large areas are kept free of buildings to provide a floodplain.
  • Since that storm, houses are no longer constructed along this floodplain.
  • Since that storm, houses are no longer constructed along the floodplain.
  • A small portion of the town (the eastern side) is within the floodplain itself.
  • An area of of the park is covered by a forest and floodplain.
  • For much of its length the river lies in a floodplain.
  • The floodplain is low, with an average of only ten meters above sea level with areas below sea level.
  • They are also commonly found in floodplain areas that have been recently submerged.
  • Due to this, the lake plain becomes the floodplain to this river.
  • Public ownership of floodplain land was established to prevent further development.
  • The river has an extremely broad floodplain, that is about across.
  • Most of the site is made up of low hills and ranges, with some areas of floodplain forest.
  • New sports fields were recently built on land reclaimed from a floodplain nearby.
  • The homes will be destroyed, returning the land to the floodplain and preserved as green space.
  • Building code today requires all homes be built elevated to be above the floodplain.
  • This small area surrounding the mill on the floodplain of the river valley was where the original town was focused.
  • There are many old, mature trees particularly on the floodplain of the river.
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Meaning of floodplain

  • noun A low plain adjacent to a river that is formed chiefly of river sediment and is subject to flooding