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  • It also has three tennis courts - designed and floodlit to meet international championship standards.
  • The club has two floodlit courts and further use of two public courts adjacent to the private courts.
  • It is visible by day from outside and inside Parliament House and floodlit at night.
  • The stadium is also floodlit, which is ideal for training any time of the year.
  • The club have two full size floodlit pitches with a third pitch currently being developed.
  • Further work that year included a floodlit training area and a pathway around the football pitch.
  • The pitch is not floodlit, meaning most games are played in the afternoon.
  • The floodlit pitch is currently near to maximum size and it has premier quality goals.
  • It is now owned by the National Trust, and is floodlit at night.
  • When it was decided to experiment with the first floodlit match he and his brother were chosen to captain the two sides involved.
  • Just opposite the main entrance to the stadium itself is a floodlit pitch complete with running track and a small stand.
  • External facilities include a floodlit all-weather play area, fishing lake and sports pitches.
  • Floodlit cricket has since been played around the world, although England was slow to take it up due to their climate.
  • The club has three senior pitches and recently opened a floodlit all weather hurling wall.
  • The complex is fully floodlit and includes a separate practice field, a press box, and concessions.
  • Other facilities at the school include a floodlit synthetic pitch and a separate sixth form centre.
  • Behind the building is a floodlit prepared cross country track, and a biathlon shooting range.
  • There is also a bowling ground, a floodlit football field as well as tennis court.
  • The Tileworks sports ground has a floodlit all weather playing surface designed for football or tennis.
  • The complex has an outdoor floodlit artificial playing surface for football and hockey.
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Root form of floodlit is floodlight for the verb.

Meaning of floodlit

  • verb Illuminate with floodlights