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  • A small fire had broken out inside the floodlights during the first half.
  • The project also included new floodlights and a new club house.
  • Floodlights were installed along the course to allow training and work during the evening.
  • After the opening, floodlights were added to the court, so that play could continue into the night.
  • A running track runs around the pitch, and the ground has four large floodlights.
  • Played in the first professional game to be played under floodlights.
  • Game abandoned in injury time when two of the four floodlights in the stadium failed.
  • The work continued around the clock, seven days a week, under giant floodlights during the night.
  • During that same season the club installed floodlights for the first time.
  • This game was the first competitive county game to be played under floodlights.
  • The stadium has floodlights but it is still not possible to play an official match at night there.
  • The stadium has recently had an increased stand capacity and new floodlights.
  • The Complex has four fields, two training and match, all with floodlights for night games and training.
  • Many clubs have taken their floodlights down and replaced them with new ones along the roof line of the stands.
  • However the track did use floodlights in an attempt to aid the drivers.
  • Without floodlights, the club cannot currently be considered for entry to national competitions.
  • Colored floodlights at the base of the tree also helped provide color.
  • Night Games cannot be played here in this Park, since there is no Floodlights provided.
  • Floodlights will also be installed over the renovated field so that football games can be held at night.
  • The game was played at home and marked the club's first ever game under the newly installed floodlights.
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Root form of floodlights is floodlight for both verb and noun.

Meaning of floodlights

  • verb Illuminate with floodlights