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  • This replaced the previous high energy floodlighting at the top of the building.
  • Due to a lack of floodlighting at their ground, however, they had to play another season in Division Two.
  • Further changes occurred in April, so that evening games were played at stadiums with good floodlighting.
  • The signal filled space in front of the antenna, floodlighting the entire area.
  • The floodlighting of the horse occurred from dusk until dawn and could be seen from miles back.
  • Modern exit signs are often combined with other safety devices, such as emergency floodlighting.
  • The Red Lion Ground has a club house with cover in front, a small stand and floodlighting.
  • Spectrum provided a venue which had the potential for development into senior football and already had floodlighting.
  • The ground has large floodlighting structures in its four corners, and basic catering facilities.
  • The ground has excellent floodlighting, and improvements to the ground are currently ongoing, with a new car park having recently been opened.
  • The venue also has a bicycle track, and floodlighting suitable for night matches.
  • Diamond one has recently been upgraded with a top quality surface and AAA floodlighting.
  • The plans included a new platform on the interior walls, as well as installation of floodlighting and information panels.
  • The fountains, shut off since the 1970s, were replaced, and new floodlighting installed.
  • Diamond two is also a regulation-sized baseball diamond with training standard floodlighting.
  • Layer Road was still bereft of floodlighting although lights had been installed for training purposes.
  • Over the next few years the pitches were improved with drainage and floodlighting.
  • Other proposals for alteration and development including floodlighting and a swimming pool have been defeated.
  • Along with the clubhouse, there are four full size rugby pitches, complete with floodlighting for evening training and matches.
  • In 2001, an evening league game was played using floodlighting mounted on four temporary cranes.
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Root form of floodlighting is floodlight for the verb.

Meaning of floodlighting

  • verb Illuminate with floodlights