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  • The ground has got floodlight so that stadium can host day-night matches.
  • The field was improved with a new type of grass and a new floodlight system.
  • Becoming the first ever official parallel slalom and the first ever race held under floodlight.
  • The second round and the jump-off were held under floodlight.
  • Sports facilities such as a full sized all weather floodlight soccer pitch have been added in recent years.
  • During the exhibition, a floodlight was installed at the top to light the buildings.
  • The two played together in a three-piece band known as The Floodlight Collective.
  • The ground has six floodlight pylons to enable evening games to be played.
  • Facilities include, a floodlight, five a side training pitch, social club house and catering facilities.
  • Also, a night game can be delayed if the floodlight system fails.
  • The floodlight system were also renovated to the standards needed for day and night cricket.
  • A floodlight is an artificial light providing even illumination across a wide area.
  • Floodlight for the central part was not planned as it could not be built there without significant intrusion.
  • Some of the floodlight pillars fell down during a storm in the mid-1960s, a few years after they were built.
  • There are two floodlight systems in use at the stadium.
  • Athletics track, floodlight masts and media infrastructure also came allowing the ground to host major events.
  • The roof has an integrated floodlight design and is designed to provide superior acoustics.
  • There are three pitches, a main pitch with a stand and great floodlight facilities.
  • The first replay, two weeks later, was then abandoned after 70 minutes due to floodlight failure.
  • With the three stands completed, the ground was now suited to a floodlight installation.
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Meaning of floodlight

  • verb Illuminate with floodlights