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  • Due to the often floodings, the population moved higher, to its current place.
  • However, the city can experience more extreme weather and flooding is often a problem.
  • To prevent damage due to future flooding, they raised the bridge to above the average water line.
  • Some streets had minor flooding, and several buildings suffered significant wind damage.
  • Major flooding has occurred many times in the town's history.
  • In past years, some of the city's roads were known for flooding.
  • The community was founded in the 1960s to take advantage of high ground above flooding.
  • Flooding has been a major concern for the city for many years.
  • To protect the country from river flooding, another program is already being executed.
  • Many residents were not aware of the flooding until the water came into their homes.
  • Many branches begin flooding in November and may continue to rise until June.
  • Major flooding occurred after a few days of heavy rain.
  • Buildings also may suffer from fire damage and flooding in special circumstances.
  • Serious flooding has occurred in the department in recent years.
  • All the buildings are raised to avoid flooding from the river.
  • Flooding along the river has been a major problem.
  • Individuals who had thought about leaving Tombstone when the mine flooding started now took action.
  • Tents and houses were moved around to avoid the flooding problem before the next spring.
  • The majority cars were destroyed when flooding reached police headquarters.
  • Permanent settlement on the island was impossible due to annual flooding.
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Root form of flooding is flood for the verb.

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Synonyms of flooding

Meaning of flooding

  • verb Cover with liquid, usually water
    The swollen river flooded the village, The broken vein had flooded blood in her eyes
  • verb Supply with an excess of
    flood the market with tennis shoes, Glut the country with cheap imports from the Orient
  • verb Become filled to overflowing
    Our basement flooded during the heavy rains