flood stage

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  • Info Flood stage is the level at which the surface of a river, stream, ocean, or other body of water has risen to a sufficient level to cause sufficient inundation of areas not normally covered by water to cause an inconvenience or a threat to life and property. more...
  • At full flood stage the lake can reach or and reach long.
  • They are all above flood stage, except in time of extreme high water. Cited from Archeological Investigations, by Gerard Fowke
  • The river's water level rose to nearly, which was above flood stage.
  • One river rose to a level of, above flood stage.
  • Winds caused a local river to reach above flood stage.
  • While the new bridge does, in fact, remain above water at flood stage, its approaches do not.
  • Water levels fluctuate by several feet from their low point in the summer to winter/spring flood stage.
  • In spite of record high flows, flood stages were not as high as past events.
  • It covers an area roughly similar to the original river while at flood stage, as it was during the battle.
  • However, the outflow was still expected to significantly increase river levels already at major flood stage.
  • In Springfield, the river rose six to above flood stage, causing significant damage.
  • The water levels in the Panuco River remained above flood stage for four weeks.
  • Several streets were washed out, and rivers rose above flood stage.
  • The Nishnabotna River on its east side was reported to be two feet above flood stage.
  • During the second week of June, river levels rose to near flood stage before yet again beginning their slow recession.
  • Along the Allegheny River, it was above flood stage in some low-lying areas.
  • The flood stage measurements are given as a height above or below the zero level.
  • Neither enters the river proper, except in extreme flood stage.
  • The heavy rainfall caused two rivers to reach flood-stage.
  • The normal flood stage for the river is at the tree line in the foreground.
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