flood protection

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  • Other questions have been raised about the design of the flood protection system itself.
  • This will be the best flood protection in the entire state of California.
  • Its main purposes are to improve flood protection and create additional land for agriculture.
  • New flood protection has been built on both banks.
  • Providing flood protection is an important role in this community.
  • New flood protection is being built on both banks.
  • Quick flow is therefore of the most concern for those interested in flood protection.
  • The area also was above the river terrace, providing fine views and flood protection.
  • Several ponds also provide flood protection; others are used to supply drinking water.
  • Its role in flood protection is rather limited because it was originally only built as an auxiliary dam.
  • A secondary benefit of the project will be flood protection.
  • In more modern times a coupure is a way of allowing traffic to pass a flood protection structure.
  • A major flood protection scheme which the New Zealand Government would pay for was approved instead.
  • In the very nature of things the degree of flood protection to be afforded must vary.
  • Hall Leys Park is now a central part of the town's flood protection.
  • However, some groups continue to support construction of the dam, which they claim would provide important water regulation and flood protection.
  • Wapda did come up with a flood protection plan but this was never implemented.
  • They have an equitable water distribution to all gardens and also maintain good flood protection measures.
  • The new regional flood protection authorities assumed control of the Board's flood protection infrastructure.
  • The first will raise the surrounding dikes by to increase flood protection.
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