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  • Due to the route being so close to the river, it is often flood prone.
  • Flood control was also a concern for cities located in flood prone areas.
  • Thousands of businesses and residents in flood prone areas across the state received damage where major flooding occurred.
  • As the river and its drainage area were flood-prone, this created problems.
  • Much land in and around the city is on flood plains too flood-prone for development other than agriculture.
  • As a result, it has been a flood-prone area.
  • As a result, it has been a flood prone area.
  • Kimbleville soon disappeared largely due to its location in a flood-prone area of the county.
  • Flood-prone river banks and other areas unsuitable for urban construction often become legal or illegal community gardens.
  • Residents in flood-prone areas were encouraged to evacuate for their own safety as well.
  • The Streets Run watershed is a beautiful yet flood-prone area of the city.
  • These fish are mainly piscivorous, hunt at night, and sometimes go into flood-prone areas of rivers.
  • Those living in lower-lying, flood-prone areas have also been advised to move to safer locations.
  • Boscastle was a high flood risk area before the storm event due to its unique flood prone physical characteristics.
  • Areas of the city where the largest number of dead were found were low-lying, flood-prone areas with predominantly black populations.
  • The new gardens were developed by the City Council because the original city site could not be expanded and was flood prone.
  • Additional plans were also made to purchase more flood prone properties after the 2008 flood.
  • More than 10 million farmers are growing the rice in their flood-prone fields.
  • Officials employed a strategy that called for the evacuation of flood prone areas first.
  • This is the most flood prone area of its route, primarily in the La Loma area.
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