flood damage

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  • It has been restored several times in recent years, following flood damage.
  • The school, including its recently built business and technology wing and its band room, received flood damage.
  • This was as a result of flood damage to the city's water treatment plant.
  • In the same year, a flood damaged much of the original property of the prison.
  • Even residents who suffered no flood damage lost their refrigerators in this way.
  • Serious wind and flood damage was also reported along with winds and strong waves.
  • Communities may be cut off through road flood damage.
  • A small section of the town below the shore ledge did have flood damage.
  • The hospital suffered no flood damage and negligible wind damage during the storm.
  • Local industrial buildings have been forced to build high concrete walls around their property to reduce flood damage each year.
  • However, no significant flood damage occurred due to dry conditions preceding the rainfall.
  • Street flooding in Lake Charles was severe, though only a few houses suffered flood damage.
  • Flood damage in other Central American countries was also reported, though affects were less severe.
  • Because rainfall was relatively light, minor, if any flood damage occurred.
  • High winds and heavy rainfall affected the island, causing significant wind and flood damage.
  • The bill started out as an ordinary piece of legislation to provide emergency highway money for states suffering flood damage.
  • Many residents suffered significant flood damage to their homes and possessions.
  • But being a low altitude village, in some years the village suffers flood damage.
  • The most recent serious incident in 1998 caused flood damage to several houses in the village.
  • They tried to halt development, to avoid more flood damage until existing problems could be solved.
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