flight catering

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  • Prominent services include flight catering, airport services and lounge operation.
  • Passengers traveling in class J could enjoy JAL class J in-flight catering services.
  • The hotel is operated by TFK, a company which also provides in-flight catering services from an adjacent flight kitchen facility.
  • The move of flight catering and aircraft cleaning staff to join the Transport Workers Union in the mid-1990s lost the union several thousand members.
  • As a low-cost carrier, Jetstar Pacific does not include in-flight catering in its fares.
  • Biman's subsidiaries are associated with aircraft ground handling, aviation engineering, aviation training and flight catering.
  • It provides domestic and international private charter flights, avionics, maintenance services, in-flight catering and FBO services.
  • He also is the co-ordinator for Qantas Flight Catering under his company Rockpool Consulting.
  • Also in the 2006, Emirates flight catering opened its linecraft launderiing plant.
  • In-flight catering is provided by Gate Gourmet.
  • Also, in 2006, Emirates flight catering opened its linecraft laundering plant.
  • In early 2006, Emirates flight catering began operations at its new catering facility dedicated to service the flights of Emirates Airline.
  • A pilot himself, Askerov reorganized AZAL into five units: the airline, airports, air traffic control, in-flight catering, and cargo.
  • The fact that the charter airline industry - Dan-Air in particular - were shunned by some travel companies meant broad appeal was needed at the outset, especially in terms of on-board service, including the in-flight catering.
  • He has also worked with Flight Catering unit of The Taj Air Caterers and also handled kitchen for the Hiranandani hospital.
  • Universal Weather acquired Air Chef Holdings, an American in-flight catering and concierge firm, in 2011.
  • Emirates Flight Catering is the sole provider of airline and airport catering services at Dubai International Airport.
  • Rapidly expanding civil aviation industry of Oman led OIS to the building of several facilities - including hangars, workshops and in-flight catering - to cater for the increase in activity.
  • Dnata (styled as dnata) is one of the largest suppliers of combined air services in the world offering aircraft ground handling, cargo, travel, and flight catering services across five continents.
  • In addition to transporting passengers and freight, Iberia Group carries out related activities, such as aircraft maintenance, handling in airports, IT systems and in-flight catering.
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