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  • They fled back home after a four-week domestic battle with her mother.
  • Within a few weeks, a fifth of the population had died or fled.
  • In addition, half the population, both native and foreign-born fled.
  • According to his own account, he burst into tears and fled to his room.
  • He then fled to join his wife, the former queen, in France.
  • Still, the royal family and some armed forces fled to the United Kingdom.
  • She flees into the street where she is hit and killed by a car.
  • In fact he never did so, as he managed to escape and flee the country.
  • Those that fled to England were given support by the Church of England.
  • He and his army were however defeated and were forced to flee.
  • The few troops who were not killed or captured fled.
  • When he first fled, two police returned him to those who had circumcised him.
  • The one with the higher number must attack, and the one with the lower number must flee.
  • Most were shot where they stood, though some managed to flee.
  • She planned to flee the country but then could not make up her mind in the last minute.
  • The women, who are afraid, then flee and keep quiet about what they saw.
  • Some tried to flee, but most were shot where they stood.
  • On the contrary, he had fled as fast as his legs could carry him.
  • About half of the residents had fled the city, including President George Washington.
  • Very few people were killed, however, as they knew what was coming and fled in all directions.
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Meaning of flee

  • verb Run away quickly
    He threw down his gun and fled