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  • Then Head asked him to really run them out at high speed, and they worked flawlessly.
  • Her mass of dark brown hair was rather too flawlessly arranged. Cited from The Fortunate Youth, by William J. Locke
  • He played flawlessly in the field with five chances and one double play.
  • Once completed, both the engine and its printer worked flawlessly, and still do.
  • She intertwines them flawlessly into the culture of the cities her stories are set in.
  • He recovered well, and performed the rest of the song flawlessly.
  • Initially, a user could bring the system into working order, and have it working flawlessly for a certain amount of time.
  • Throughout the show, the band played flawlessly while the audience remained attentive to the music.
  • After some adjustments to the take-off ramp his second attempt went off flawlessly.
  • He spent a few other months in working and perfectioning the rifle parts so it can work flawlessly.
  • The out of service ceremony commenced flawlessly, but did not end without one final act of good humor.
  • Development of the unit did not go flawlessly, however.
  • What followed was a miracle, not only was he able to speak but was able to do so flawlessly through poetry.
  • This exchange goes through flawlessly, at considerable profit for the mark.
  • Umoove claims that even a low quality camera on an old device will run their software flawlessly.
  • While the album was not flawlessly produced nor well-distributed, die-hard fans of the band were very supportive.
  • His bearing succeeded this time, and worked flawlessly for the next 25 years.
  • Soon afterward, the promotion was offered again and was reported to have "worked flawlessly".
  • She would prep each of the sessions with very prominent guests and would flawlessly interview them.
  • The ability to handle and pass the ball flawlessly separates the good teams from the great teams.
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  • adverb In an adroit manner
    he bounced it cleanly off the wall