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  • Many are used as food plants, though not all members of the genus are equally flavorous.
  • They were not particularly flavorous oysters as we know oysters on this side of the ocean. Cited from Europe Revised, Irvin S. Cobb
  • Thus made gundruk is more tasty, more flavorous and more acidic.
  • It cannot be written but by a scholar and a gentleman; and no English gentleman in recent times has ever thought of birds except as flying targets, or flavorous dishes. Cited from Love's Meinie, by John Ruskin
  • It was a narrow, ill-lighted, unventilated apartment, bitter with the after-taste of taxes, prophetically flavorous of taxes yet to be. Cited from The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 13, No. 80, June, 1864, by Various
  • Coffee beans from Manicaragua bear a flavorous unparallel nectar, though not known in the Western World due to the economic embargo.
  • Good talk, it was; quaint and flavorous and erudite. Cited from From a Bench in Our Square, by Samuel Hopkins Adams
  • The queen, assiduous to her train assigns The sumptuous viands, and the flavorous wines. Cited from The Odyssey, by Homer, Tr. by Samuel butler
  • The fondness for condiments, especially garlic and pepper, among the higher orders, possibly served to render the coarser nourishment of the poor more savoury and flavorous. Cited from Old Cookery Books and Ancient Cuisine, by William Carew Hazlitt
  • As the vintages of earth Taste of the sun that riped their birth, We know what never cadent Sun Thy lamped clusters throbbed upon, What plumed feet the winepress trod; Thy wine is flavorous of God. Cited from Poems, by Francis Thompson
  • A description of the desert in spate, thumb-nail sketches from a station-agent's window, queer little flavorous stories of crime and adventure and petty intrigue in the town; all done with a deftness and brevity that was saved from being too abrupt only by broad touches of color and light. Cited from Success, by Samuel Hopkins Adams
  • Who made the splendid rose Saturate with purple glows; Cupped to the marge with beauty; a perfume-press Whence the wind vintages Gushes of warm-ed fragrance richer far Than all the flavorous ooze of Cyprus' vats? Cited from New Poems, by Francis Thompson