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  • No one had heard of high-quality, full flavored American beer.
  • He opts for a more powerful, rock-and-roll flavored number this time around.
  • Flavored fortified wines have appeared in numerous songs as well as other media forms.
  • It has a big rice belt area having different kinds of flavored rice.
  • Since then it has remained a professional civilian community band, but its military origins have always flavored its history and traditions.
  • His recipe quickly became the first flavored fresh cheese to be sold throughout France.
  • Gaye's highly soul-flavored performance also received much acclaim from the crowd.
  • Finally, flavored lipstick was also popular, with the most popular variety being cherry.
  • The finished tofu can then be cut into pieces, flavored or further processed.
  • In another experiment two groups of people were given a flavored carbonated drink.
  • A country album, an R&B rock album, and a jazz/ballad flavored album.
  • There is also a new version which includes two flavored dips.
  • The album continued the pop-oriented, electronically flavored style of the previous album.
  • Many attendees of the festival come just for the food, especially the pumpkin flavored food.
  • The song has been described as a Spanish "number" with a "Latin flavored" cut beat.
  • The style of cooking is fairly simple, flavored much like other West Indian cuisine.
  • The album is more guitar-flavored than Alsou's previous works.
  • Most are based on dairy products and a small amount of flavored extract.
  • The midtempo pop rock and country-flavored track finds the singer reflecting on a broken relationship.
  • The young leaves are edible, and can be made into a mild-flavored tea.
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Root form of flavored is flavor for the verb.