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  • Coumarin is still used as a legal flavorant in the tobacco industry, particularly for sweet pipe tobacco.
  • Home cooks often use this sauce as the chief flavorant for fried rice.
  • It is related to the more common flavorant maltol by replacement of the methyl group by an ethyl group.
  • Some sauces, such as Normande sauce, use wine as a flavorant, rather than as a main ingredient.
  • Small but significant amounts of adipic acid are used as a food ingredient as a flavorant and gelling aid.
  • As a flavorant, ethylvanillin is about three times as potent as vanillin and is used in the production of chocolate.
  • Veratraldehyde is an organic compound that is widely used as a flavorant and odorant.
  • It is a colorless liquid that is used as a fragrance and flavorant.
  • However, both industries actively seek substitutes for grapefruit mercaptans for use as a grapefruit flavorant, since its decomposition products are often highly disagreeable to the human sense of smell.
  • The largest use of n-butanol is as an industrial intermediate, particularly for the manufacture of butyl acetate (itself an artificial flavorant and industrial solvent).
  • Isoamyl acetate, a synthetic banana flavorant, and camphor are often used as innocuous challenge agents.
  • Flavorant is defined as a substance that gives another substance flavor, altering the characteristics of the solute, causing it to become sweet, sour, tangy, etc.
  • Coumarin has been used as an aroma enhancer in pipe tobaccos and certain alcoholic drinks, although in general it is banned as a flavorant food additive, due to concerns regarding its hepatotoxicity in animal models.
  • Once the syrup blend reaches the target temperature, the candy maker removes it from the heat source and may add citric acid, food dye, and some flavouring, such as a plant extract, essential oil, or flavorant.
  • It is also a permitted artificial flavorant in the United States, used in butter, cream, fruit, rum, whiskey, ice cream and ices, candy, baked goods and cordials.
  • Despite the name, the primary modern flavoring ingredients in a cola drink are sugar, citrus oils (from oranges, limes, or lemon fruit peel), cinnamon, vanilla, and an acidic flavorant.
  • The tree is of special concern, as it is being harvested at a high rate to obtain safrole, a precursor to the pesticide synergist piperonyl butoxide, the flavorant and fragrance piperonal, and the psychoactive drug MDMA.

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