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  • Info Flavor or flavour (see spelling differences) is the sensory impression of a food or other substance, and is determined mainly by the chemical senses of taste and smell.
  • In some places, people make it at home and make their own flavors.
  • Originally four flavors were made, but only two are still in production.
  • I don't know what's popular, or the flavor of the day.
  • Limited Edition flavors are released for only a short time, usually just a few months.
  • It has also kept the good old flavors of the past.
  • This process allows the tea to dry with its full flavor ready to be used.
  • In recent years, other flavors have also been added, due to foreign influences.
  • Additional work may also be done by the flavor company.
  • The separation of the characters into different teams was intended to give each group a specific flavor.
  • In modern times, almost all smoking is carried out for its flavor.
  • Some versions call for sugar instead of salt to give a sweet flavor.
  • Of this large number of flavors, only a small portion are available at a particular store at any given time.
  • They can last up to one or two years but will have lost most of their characteristic flavors by that point.
  • Also, the characters now talk to each other, bringing out their personality and flavor to the player.
  • Certain cards are restricted to one or two houses, giving each house a unique flavor.
  • These did not prove to be as popular as the three original fruit drop flavors.
  • Sometimes, it is understood, that branches are started to test the market and get its flavor.
  • These new flavors quickly became popular with the public.
  • The leaves of the plant were also sometimes used to flavor fish soup.
  • The flavor was only available for a few years before it was removed from their flavor line-up.
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  • noun (physics) the six kinds of quarks