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  • Early tracks were usually on flattened earth or were simply marked areas of grass.
  • His result suggested that the earth was more flattened towards the south pole than towards the north.
  • Consequently, the buildings were used in new and different ways instead of being flattened.
  • Using, users could see a flattened view of all open windows.
  • The tower does not have a crown and in fact has a flattened roof.
  • The middle of the face and the bridge of the nose often appear flattened.
  • This ultimately proved to be too difficult for teams, and the network was flattened into a single network.
  • That's better than watching the country we're in being flattened by a storm.
  • The Houses of Parliament and the clock tower were also said to have been flattened.
  • They are totally form a different community though making flattened rice is a part of their living.
  • By the late 1980s, however, the state's economic growth rate flattened.
  • To construct the base, two hills were flattened and the valley between them was filled.
  • Many towns were wholly destroyed or flattened and never recovered, while others disappeared entirely.
  • Its flattened bridge allows for the playing of chords of between three and five notes.
  • At least half of the town was reported to have been destroyed or even flattened, and nearly every structure received some degree of damage.
  • It damaged or destroyed nine houses, some flattened to the ground.
  • Twenty blocks of the city suffered extensive damage with houses and businesses destroyed or flattened.
  • Most of the moats have been filled and flattened to keep up the population growth.
  • The body is generally slightly flattened side-to-side.
  • When the church was finally built it had the shape of half an egg slightly flattened at the top.
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Root form of flattened is flatten for the verb.

Synonyms of flattened

Meaning of flattened

  • verb Make flat or flatter
    flatten a road, flatten your stomach with these exercises
  • verb Become flat or flatter
    The landscape flattened
  • verb Lower the pitch of (musical notes)