flash flood

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  • For example if there is a flash flood it would not matter how prepared you are.
  • Her parents died in a flash flood when she was young.
  • What makes flash floods most dangerous is their sudden nature and fast moving water.
  • About a dozen people were injured during a flash flood that destroyed three houses.
  • Flash floods are rare but have recently occurred around the spring and fall seasons.
  • It has a high risk to flash flood because the river is near at the residential area.
  • The river is known for its wild nature and flash floods and its frequent changes in course.
  • A flash flood took out a bridge on the base.
  • The next day, the flash flood watch was expanded to include all areas of the state except the northwest region.
  • The water level in some affected areas subsidised shortly after the flash flood.
  • Flash floods are common during winter season even though the amount of precipitation is low.
  • Thousands of homes and businesses were destroyed during sudden flash floods around the country.
  • The police only believed him when a flash flood uncovered a mass grave containing many of his victims.
  • However, now that the chamber has been opened, the site is at risk of damage from flash floods.
  • Currently, much of the burned area is still at risk for dangerous flash floods.
  • The area is subject to flash flood due to thunderstorms and heavy rain.
  • This storm system went on to cause major flash floods over Southern Romania.
  • A dozen people were injured during a flash flood that destroyed three houses just west of Tokyo.
  • Although the party survive the resulting flash flood, the valley is left in ruins.
  • Heavy rain brings flash floods to Minnesota an average of three days per year.
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