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  • Flareup first appeared in a crowd scene at the end of "Decepticon Air".
  • Early in the second half another all-in brawl started, Andrew Gee again involved in the initial flareup.
  • At some point, Elita One was meant to be called Flareup.
  • It took the shape of a rapid flareup of violence, occurring in the period after the harvests and continuing during the winter.
  • Flareup is the name of several fictional characters in the various Transformers universes.
  • Bumblebee teamed up with transformer named "Joe" to help him and Flareup get their friends.
  • Flareup is a minor character in the Transformers Animated series.
  • The name Flareup was adopted by Hasbro's legal department when they were unable to okay the use of Firestar.
  • Chromia is extremely protective of Flareup, whom she has agreed to watch over, out of respect for her comrade, Firestar.
  • In July 1975 her doctor diagnosed her with a minor heart flareup and she had a relapse in November while in Los Angeles.
  • Flareup first appears in the 2005 Botcon exclusive story "Descent into Evil".
  • The exact etiology is unknown, but it is considered likely to be a flareup of atopic dermatitis during pregnancy.
  • The Trouble with Girls was released as the bottom half of a double feature, sharing the screen with the Raquel Welch drama Flareup.
  • Flareup was named the 5th top unfortunately named Transformer by Topless Robot.
  • Flareup is a 1969 American thriller film directed by James Neilson and written by Mark Rodgers.
  • The first "flareup" occurred at Drogheda, north of Dublin on the east coast of Ireland, in mid-April, according to Dickson's research.
  • Occasionally this flareup is severe, necessitating oral antiobiotics such as erythromycin.
  • Almost with the flareup of war, the French mind turned sentimentally to those fateful early Seventies when Germany in the flush of her great victory seized the fruits of that triumph. Cited from The War After the War, by Isaac Frederick Marcosson
  • Later in the year, however, another flareup would occur in the relationship between the imperial government and the Li Maozhen/Wang Xingyu/Han alliance.
  • There, they met Flareup and are detained by Shockwave.
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