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  • When built the tower had two small wings flanking each side, since removed.
  • This is flanked by two short stone walls which hold the retired numbers.
  • Smith sent out his flanking troops again after crossing the small bridge.
  • In this situation, the Union army would be between enemy forces on each flank.
  • He split his forces in two, using one to march through the forest and flank the enemy.
  • The range is flanked by broken and difficult country, particularly on the south-western side.
  • It has a flanking platform on each side of the double track line.
  • A mountain of blue is flanked by two broad trees, one yellow and one red.
  • A new state-of-the-art stadium is under construction on the northern flank of the city.
  • It is composed of a two story central section with flanking one story wings.
  • These were pushed forward on either flank of his position; while his center was refused back.
  • They were given no more than a flank protection role.
  • The area is flanked on either side by working class areas.
  • At ground level there is a principal door flanked by two smaller doors.
  • He planned to move his French army south, then west to turn the British right flank.
  • It has flanking one-story wings and a two-story frame rear wing.
  • His plan was to attack the centre with his infantry while the mounted troops moved around their open right flank.
  • Both of these buildings remain key buildings on campus today, flanking Ball Hall.
  • The adult male is all black except for white flanks and a blue-grey bill.
  • The old track appears at the foot of hills around the plain, flanked by a modern road.
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Meaning of flank

  • noun The side of military or naval formation
    they attacked the enemy's right flank
  • noun A subfigure consisting of a side of something
  • noun A cut from the fleshy part of an animal's side between the ribs and the leg
  • noun The side between ribs and hipbone
  • verb Be located at the sides of something or somebody