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  • Those pieces upon which or by which the small letter g is shown are the flanges.
  • Subsequently, to increase the strength, a similar flange might be added below the rail.
  • If necessary apply a little oil and spread the flanges of the cover slightly. Cited from The Boy Mechanic: Volume 1, by Popular Mechanics
  • These flanges are available with different facing like raised face, flat face, ring joint face etc.
  • I have fixed hundreds of them, and have never yet been able to see a use for this flange. Cited from Scientific American, Volume 40, No. 13 New Series, March 29, 1879
  • The platform has an upper flange that projects from the platform wall.
  • It was then seen that each bottom corner of the mysterious box had an iron flange. Cited from The Air Ship Boys, by H.L. Sayler
  • The flanges start from the mouth of the vessel and down the body ending before the foot ring.
  • Train wheels are not designed to bear such weight on their flanges.
  • The fifth wheel consists of two small flanges working on the face surfaces. Cited from The Boy Mechanic: Volume 1, by Popular Mechanics
  • Give names of the four flanges shown in cut. Cited from Piano Tuning, by J. Cree Fischer
  • This way larger ports can be used while still leaving enough room for flanges and fasteners.
  • One coupling is placed on each shaft so the two flanges line up face to face.
  • Various types of flanges are available depending upon the type of their constructional features.
  • At this time would also report any excessive flange wear on any one particular tire. Cited from The Traveling Engineers' Association, by Anonymous
  • Flanges appear begin to appear on the vessels body and neck while the same decoration is used.
  • All center-pins turn in the flange and not in the middle part.
  • No amount of analysis can show that these rods or flange angles will perform their full duty. Cited from Transactions of the ASCE, Paper No. 1169, by Edward Godfrey
  • There are flanges on the four corners and in the middle of all four sides.
  • Danger lights sprang out in little green signals around about the flanges of her nose. Cited from Star-Dust, by Fannie Hurst
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Meaning of flange

  • noun A projection used for strength or for attaching to another object