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  • These four states are each represented by a white star on the national flag.
  • The first recorded use of the flag appear one hundred years later.
  • He played a key role in the design of the first American flag.
  • On sea the yellow band in her flag was of course white.
  • As so often is the case after a flag, the following two years were below standard.
  • There are rules on how to use the flag for certain events.
  • He notes that the flag was in a poor condition when returned.
  • Numerous national sports teams wear red, often through association with their national flags.
  • The city council would only allow them to re-enter town without flags and singing.
  • This version of the flag is still in use today.
  • Black and gold are also the colors of the city's official flag.
  • The radio has not yet replaced the traditional red and green flags.
  • These colors were chosen because every nation had at least one of them on its national flag.
  • She came forward, and he began to follow her out of the little flagged court. Cited from By What Authority?, by Robert Hugh Benson
  • It continues to offer one of the last flag stop routes in the country.
  • As he charged, his forward motion caused the flag to stream back.
  • However, the team soon flagged and spent the next three seasons in mid-table.
  • System flags indicate state information such as whether a message has been read.
  • After every race, each referee will wave either a white or red flag.
  • In the current European flag, there is a fixed number of stars.
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Meaning of flag

  • noun Emblem usually consisting of a rectangular piece of cloth of distinctive design
  • noun A rectangular piece of fabric used as a signalling device
  • noun Stratified stone that splits into pieces suitable as paving stones
  • noun A conspicuously marked or shaped tail
  • verb Communicate or signal with a flag
  • verb Provide with a flag
    Flag this file so that I can recognize it immediately
  • verb Decorate with flags
    the building was flagged for the holiday