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  • Firstly, can a theory of truth be given for a natural language?
  • This loan deal was subsequently extended, firstly to two months, then to three months.
  • Firstly, his troops did not act the way he wanted.
  • Firstly because the represent can continue to be bound by the contract at his or her will.
  • Firstly, they developed the political consulting into what we know it today.
  • Firstly, the question of whether there actually is any source rock in the area must be answered.
  • However the story of the community begins firstly in the early Middle Ages.
  • Firstly we must ask what things are and how they are constituted.
  • Political parties have firstly been formed as secret societies that were followed by formation of political groups.
  • Firstly heavy agriculture and then as that industry moves abroad, services takes over.
  • Firstly, when it comes to sanctions we have proved we can take it.
  • Firstly, the province chief would remove the inhabitants around the base to create a security zone.
  • Firstly, it does not seem reasonable to trace all social action back to status competition.
  • Firstly, only six senior year students from every region can sit for the INMO.
  • Firstly, there was no means to make a mining claim legal.
  • Firstly, only the people's congresses up to the county level are subject to direct popular vote.
  • Firstly, they were relatively small - often no more than a in length - and thus limited the total wagon length that could be turned.
  • Firstly, steel making was a defense industry, so they wanted to be sure national security was not endangered.
  • Firstly, contrary to what Anderson later claimed, his writing was no secret.
  • Firstly, it and the steel cable were a danger to any aircraft that tried to fly among them.
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