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  • The stationary right edge of the base is also steel, with an exposed, finely-ground edge.
  • He has straight black hair and finely modeled features.
  • Leaves are finely divided and fernlike, growing from the base of the plant.
  • When finely resolved, some parts of the image appear to be rope-like filaments.
  • The key is using very fresh vegetables and chopping them as finely as possible.
  • After that they can be given finely powdered flake food and frozen food along with their parents.
  • They are small, fierce, finely built with rounded wings, long square tail, yellow eyes and long legs.
  • The king set to sea and found a beautiful woman with another, younger woman, both finely dressed, and a third woman, a maid.
  • This error can be reduced by dividing up the region more finely, using smaller and smaller shapes.
  • Also, contrary to some sources, they do not like meat, unless it is finely ground or cooked for them.
  • It is no longer a working mill, but a finely detailed model shows the machinery as it was in its working days.
  • Tea was taken at the change of innings with the result of the game finely in the balance.
  • However, although the play offered many finely written lines, the whole concept was too remote and unappealing for much of the audience.
  • Part of the meat is very finely minced, but another part retains its structure.
  • Alblabooks, a series of finely conceived and executed trade books followed and did much to increase public interest in book format.
  • Most of the sanctuary windows date from the end of the nineteenth century and are finely painted glass.
  • Areas of the model that are finely detailed can have very small polygons while other areas can have larger polygons.
  • It consists of dark yellow finely ground mustard and various other spices.
  • They have a finely white spotted head with scattered white spots on the wings.
  • These are very finely painted and were the subject of some light restoration in 2004.
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Meaning of finely

  • adverb In tiny pieces
    the surfaces were finely granular
  • adverb In an elegant manner
    finely costumed actors
  • adverb In a delicate manner
    finely shaped features, her fine drawn body