finely textured beef

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  • Because of ammonium hydroxide use in its processing, the lean finely textured beef by BFI is not permitted in Canada.
  • However, lean finely textured beef can constitute up to 15 percent of ground beef without additional labeling, and it can also be added to other meat products such as beef-based processed meats.
  • An analysis of California Department of Education data indicated that "anywhere from none to nearly 3 million pounds of beef from the USDA that was served in California schools last year could have contained lean finely textured beef."
  • Most of the finely textured beef is produced and sold by BPI, Cargill Meat Solutions, and Tyson Foods.
  • Cargill also significantly cut production of finely textured beef and in April 2012 "warned [that] the public's resistance to the filler could lead to higher hamburger prices this barbecue season".
  • In 2014, finely textured beef production increased modestly, as beef prices rose by 27% and "retailers seek cheaper trimmings to include in hamburger meat and processors find new products to put it in."
  • On April 2, 2012 AFA Foods, a ground-beef processor manufacturer of finely textured beef owned by Yucaipa Companies filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy citing "ongoing media attention" that has "dramatically reduced the demand for all ground beef products."