finely ground

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  • It was only finely ground sugar that the man carried away. Cited from Tales of Destiny, by Edmund Mitchell
  • It is essential, however, that only very finely ground colours of good quality should be used. Cited from Wood-Block Printing, by F. Morley Fletcher
  • It must also be very finely ground to be effective. Cited from Organic Gardener's Composting, by Steve Solomon
  • Furthermore it does not need to be so very finely ground. Cited from The Story Of The Soil, By Cyril G. Hopkins
  • Tailings from the gold mine are finely ground rock which gold has been recovered.
  • The rank of a diner also decided how finely ground and white the salt was.
  • The meat is first finely ground and mixed with water.
  • The tea leaves are finely ground instead of whole leaf.
  • Imagine that we start out with a plot of finely-ground rock particles containing no life and no organic matter. Cited from Organic Gardener's Composting, by Steve Solomon
  • The coal is finely ground and dried in a stream of hot gas.
  • The stationary right edge of the base is also steel, with an exposed, finely-ground edge.
  • Next, salt, finely ground black pepper and other seasonings are added at this point.
  • Also, contrary to some sources, they do not like meat, unless it is finely ground or cooked for them.
  • It consists of dark yellow finely ground mustard and various other spices.
  • Slides are usually made of common glass and their edges are often finely ground or polished.
  • Finely-ground coffee is added to the filter as shown below.
  • Atta flour is more finely ground than most western-style whole wheat flours.
  • They also used finely-ground malachite, which made a luminous green.
  • The meat and fat are finely ground together and various spices are then added to the mixture.
  • These early pots were often grog tempered, although sometimes finely ground bone was used.
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