finely cut

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  • He could not understand how the teeth could be so finely cut. Cited from The Albert N'Yanza, Great Basin of the Nile, Baker
  • The doctor began to speak, moving his finely cut lips with clear precision. Cited from Jerome, A Poor Man, by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman
  • Her finely cut features were set with a look of strong determination. Cited from The Grey Lady, by Henry Seton Merriman
  • I never saw any one with a nose as straight and finely cut as yours. Cited from The Reflections of Ambrosine, by Elinor Glyn
  • He was a little man with grizzled hair and finely cut, rather sharp features. Cited from The Yellow Streak, by Williams, Valentine
  • His features showed strength, and were at the same time cleanly and finely cut. Cited from Idolatry, by Julian Hawthorne
  • The girl lay looking at her friend, her large but finely cut mouth faintly smiling. Cited from The Coryston Family, by Mrs. Humphry Ward
  • His strong, finely-cut side face, distinctly outlined against the light, was toward her. Cited from The Earth Trembled, by E.P. Roe
  • His finely cut features showed plainly that for more than one night he had been suffering severe and increasing strain. Cited from Strawberry Acres, by Grace S. Richmond
  • The lips were finely cut, but it seemed as if they had long since for- gotten how to smile. Cited from Michael Strogoff, by Jules Verne
  • Both the terrace upon which it stands and the structure itself were faced with large, finely cut stone blocks.
  • His pale and finely-cut features stamped him as a man of education and refinement. Cited from Rabbi and Priest, by Milton Goldsmith
  • It brought out the lovingness of his eyes, and took away the hard oldness of his finely cut features. Cited from The City of Fire, by Grace Livingston Hill
  • These clear, finely cut pendants of glass will catch and reflect light. Cited from Princess Polly's Gay Winter, by Amy Brooks
  • A charming smile spread itself over Jane's finely-cut face. Cited from The Girl on the Boat, by Pelham Grenville Wodehouse
  • Her finely cut face was very white under the nodding plumes of her black bonnet. Cited from The Portion of Labor, by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman
  • The large eyes, too bright for health; the sharp, finely-cut features and pallid forehead. Cited from Fated to Be Free, by Jean Ingelow
  • The features were prominent particularly the nose; the lips finely cut, but thin; the teeth beautiful and regular. Cited from Inez, by Augusta J. Evans
  • The features are finely cut, the chin is especially good. Cited from Our Nervous Friends, by Robert S. Carroll
  • She was a tall girl with something of her mother's darkness, but she had the blue-grey eyes of her father and his finely-cut features. Cited from Till the Clock Stops, by John Joy Bell
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