finely crafted

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  • He also produced finely crafted portraits and pictures of children but they failed to attract wide interest.
  • He represents not only a warrior figure but also an artist due to his ability to write poetry and create finely crafted golden fish.
  • Artisans began to produce more finely crafted products, including some hair ornaments that could be used as defensive weapons.
  • The pair quickly gained a reputation for "richly produced, finely crafted urban dance music."
  • He mainly painted genre pieces and portraits which were finely crafted but had a cold quality.
  • He also wrote a small corpus of finely crafted works for the concert hall and recitals.
  • Kanzashi came into wide use during the Edo period when artisans began to produce more finely crafted products.
  • These finely crafted homes would stand amid majestic trees and running streams.
  • He created works that were as finely crafted and immaculately composed as his printing.
  • Some Lebanese villages are also known for their finely crafted church bells.
  • No Memory quickly earned the band praise for its melodic hooks and finely crafted songs.
  • Schweighofer pianos are still highly respected for their rich, powerful sound and finely crafted construction.
  • Very finely crafted, most existing examples are likely to have been hand or field cymbals, due both to their weight and diameters.
  • The structure is significant because it is one of the most finely crafted houses in the township and because of its association with one of the most important families in the area.
  • A number of finely-crafted sculptures and memorials have been placed in the park, some even as the grounds were under construction.
  • A finely crafted staircase goes up from the side, its landing lit by a stained glass window.
  • A finely crafted piece of jade was found near the lower jaw and had probably been originally placed within the mouth of the deceased.
  • They are finely crafted and produce an unusually warm sound.
  • Kaden finely crafted metal pieces in an exacting and precise way resulting in a very professional look.
  • The committee was "very excited about this book because it is exceptionally conceived, finely crafted and highly original".
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