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  • This larger and more finely decorated hall was usually located above the ground-floor hall.
  • He has a finely developed sense of right and wrong, and places a high value on human life.
  • He also acquired a finely decorated ship that had been built for him.
  • Many have only images, often very finely carved, with no writing, while others have both.
  • The hall includes four finely decorated main rooms used for the Company's functions.
  • They cover much of the floor of a finely decorated building that probably served as the palace of a local governor.
  • Above that level the soil mostly consists of water-bearing finely dispersed sand.
  • Over the years there have been numerous attempts to give an adequate and more finely divided classification.
  • The rank of a diner also decided how finely ground and white the salt was.
  • He is quite six feet in height, finely formed with a large body and muscular limbs.
  • Town's cemetery with a finely kept garden is located in the northeastern part of the town centre.
  • In this case, a very sharp and finely-set blade is required.
  • The meat is first finely ground and mixed with water.
  • Many of the lacquer objects are finely painted, red on black or black on red.
  • Sometimes the body is uniform in colour but more often it is finely spotted with black.
  • She is described as being finely dressed, and accompanied by dogs.
  • Blu-Tack can be finely shaped and worked into even very small areas.
  • United from then on had several chances to win the game, but a point each left the title race finely balanced.
  • The coal is finely ground and dried in a stream of hot gas.
  • The fifth day began with the game still finely balanced.
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Meaning of finely

  • adverb In tiny pieces
    the surfaces were finely granular
  • adverb In an elegant manner
    finely costumed actors
  • adverb In a delicate manner
    finely shaped features, her fine drawn body