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  • It is a development stage company and has not found the financing for its first plant yet.
  • They decided on an old gas station and began looking for financing.
  • The study also found no relationship between financing and cost control.
  • He believes that local government independence is impossible without giving local government self-financing.
  • The plan for public campaign financing was later abandoned after public opposition.
  • No major studio was interested in financing such an unusual film with a first-time director.
  • The bond sales also allowed the state to access lower-interest long-term financing.
  • Considerable discussion took place about the financing and the design of the new hall.
  • In parliament he showed a particular interest in education, especially the equal financing of public and religious schools.
  • In California, public schools receive their financing from the state based on the number of students.
  • The legal financing company does not look at credit history or employment history.
  • Once again this merely developed what was an ancient method of financing long-distance transport of goods.
  • However, economic conditions at the time made it difficult to get the financing together to build a new bridge.
  • Because so little public investment had been made before, financing such projects was controversial.
  • State, county, or city governments play the leading role in financing and operating public schools.
  • Financing problems of schools of higher education are described in the introduction.
  • More important, the government ceased all financing from the central bank.
  • The commission developed a financing model that would make the Society dependent on its commercial success.
  • Roosevelt also called for public financing of federal candidates via their political parties.
  • This required the financing of two new plants at opposite ends of Eastern Canada.
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Root form of financing is finance for the verb.

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Meaning of financing

  • noun The act of financing
  • verb Obtain or provide money for
    Can we finance the addition to our home?
  • verb Sell or provide on credit