financially unsound

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  • There are faults in the details of their organization and management, whilst many of them are financially unsound. Cited from Thrift, by Samuel Smiles
  • The company has received preferential government loans to subsidize financially unsound projects.
  • The entire project was financially unsound, and only the corruption and lack of accountability of the Nazi regime made it possible.
  • It was financially unsound, besides being a denial of Ireland's right to fix and levy her own taxes. Cited from Ireland Since Parnell, by Daniel Desmond Sheehan
  • However, the entire project was financially unsound, and only the corruption and lack of accountability of the Nazi regime made it possible.
  • This system proved unworkable, however, as there are ways to ensure competitive balance, and financially unsound clubs often failed in midseason.
  • She is now an inconsiderable power, commercially thriving, politically restless, financially unsound. Cited from The Nuttall Encyclopaedia, Edited by Rev. James Wood
  • His Fiduciary Notes Bill was denounced as financially unsound by orthodox economists and the banks.
  • As Mr. Murray, the publisher, remarked, quarterlies did not pay; and this quarterly became still more financially unsound after the over-worked volunteers, who both edited and contributed, gave place to paid editors. Cited from Thomas Henry Huxley Vol.1, by Leonard Huxley
  • He then used this money to buy two organisations in Hong Kong and California, but the core group was financially unsound, and as Tillman negotiated the expansion the management he left in charge failed to stem the developing crisis.
  • Though Scrooge often bemoaned the (temporary) loss of his Money Bin during his comic book adventures, this cartoon addressed the more realistic observation that keeping his wealth out of circulation is financially unsound.
  • Sixtus prided himself upon his hoard, but the method by which it had been amassed was financially unsound: some of the taxes proved ruinous, and the withdrawal of so much money from circulation could not fail to cause distress.
  • Upendra Nath Maity, President of the Midnapore Bar Association commented that the division of the district would be financially unsound since there were, in his opinion, more pressing matters that the administration needed to finance.
  • First, the Congress had mandated the use of civilian air carriers (for economic reasons); and second, the Pentagon was obligated to bid for such services and select the lowest bidder, which often turned out to be financially unsound companies with a poor safety record.
  • Miller's boss criticizes his idealism as financially unsound, and when Miller writes an unsolicited memo on an unrelated case on the Gambizzi crime family, Alan Emmerich, one the partners at the law firm, fires him.
  • In 1973, a payment of emergency adjustment assistance was initiated to benefit canning-fruit growers and growers of pears and apples, while the Dairy Adjustment Act of 1974 provided generous assistance for financially unsound dairy farms.