financially secure

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  • The hit would make them both financially secure for the rest of their lives.
  • The product proved popular for many years and made both families financially secure.
  • She and her husband were more financially secure, for the first time in years.
  • He travelled alone, and would later send for his family when he was financially secure.
  • After graduation, he lived with his family in the country, having become financially secure.
  • Ross offers to make him financially secure for the rest of his life.
  • He was never financially secure until his daughter became a best-selling novelist.
  • The main goal was now to make the club financially secure and then try to put the team back on the first division.
  • While they were poor, they were still slightly more financially secure and better-educated than their neighbors.
  • She has reluctantly left her young son back home with his grandmother until she is more financially secure.
  • He is dying of cancer and wants to leave his family financially secure.
  • He also wanted to find further employment as the Kings were not financially secure.
  • Priestley's friends wanted to find him a more financially secure position.
  • He gets sole custody and leaves her financially secure to pursue her own life.
  • He had a financially secure upbringing that allowed him to focus on both school and football at the same time.
  • This confirms to the woman's family that the man is financially secure enough to keep their daughter happy.
  • He successfully sued the oil company responsible for his burns, which left him financially secure.
  • Most of its members had moved away from the area, but it had its own burial grounds and was financially secure.
  • The new company distributed products throughout the middle of the country and was more financially secure than the three companies were individually.
  • However, he was a poor businessman and was never financially secure.
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