financially independent

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  • His parents died when he was quite young, leaving him, however, financially independent.
  • Today, the community has about thirty members, all of whom are financially independent.
  • They are administrative and financially independent, although they receive resources form the national government.
  • The discovery of coal on some land which he had acquired made him financially independent.
  • Late in life he married a lady of property, which rendered him financially independent of his art.
  • Because he was financially independent, he could devote his entire life to scientific work.
  • So New Profession started looking into how to make money and become financially independent.
  • Wakeman often wrote about being financially independent, something many women of the time wanted.
  • Many of the churches, almost entirely made up of former slaves, were financially independent.
  • Women, especially, are becoming more and more financially independent which allows them to feel more secure with being alone.
  • Although he became financially independent, Bob Marshall continued to work throughout his life.
  • Melford loved the film business, and although financially independent, he never stopped working.
  • Although they all had the same constitution and doctrines, they were financially independent.
  • Winning a prize in a state lottery left her financially independent after the death of her parents.
  • She grew up with a love of books and was financially independent enough to devote herself to writing.
  • After his father's death, he became financially independent, broke off his studies and took to travelling the world.
  • Fischer, however, whose father had now made him financially independent, preferred academic work.
  • Forty-six financially independent television and radio broadcasts were taken off the air unexpectedly.
  • For the first time, she and her son were financially independent, though the estate proved less valuable than they had hoped.
  • In addition, the more successful same-sex marriages of women are those in which the women are financially independent.
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