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  • Financial services now account for a third of all commercial office space in the city.
  • Need-based financial aid is awarded on the basis of the financial need of the student.
  • London is the largest financial centre in Europe, and is the second largest in the world.
  • Living beyond their means soon led to grave financial and legal difficulties.
  • The global financial system was mainly tied to the gold standard in this period.
  • Most people have social, financial or work related problem due to the disorder.
  • As a result, Jersey is not part of the single market in financial services.
  • Financial services account for over half of the income of the Territory.
  • Singer has said his financial relationships do not influence his research.
  • However, in recent years, the financial services sector has gained in importance in the city.
  • The corporation's financial claims, however, had to be accepted at face value.
  • The City is a major business and financial centre.
  • ACT also offers an extensive need and merit-based financial aid program.
  • Financial security more often refers to individual and family money management and savings.
  • Roughly a quarter of the students receive need-based financial aid.
  • Support in financial and legal matters is often needed.
  • Nevertheless, they had to bear the main financial burden of running the town.
  • His wife's opinion of his financial conduct is unknown.
  • Non-bank financial institutions also were set up as part of the economic modernization process.
  • Eleven banks and five non-bank financial institutions operate in the country.
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