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  • Once they make up their mind, their parents are involved to finalize the matter.
  • The original plans for the album changed many times and were never finalized.
  • This meant that construction could begin even while the design was not yet finalized.
  • None of the efforts to change the name received enough public support to be finalized.
  • The game was so early in the making that the cast had not been finalized yet.
  • Despite of the interest and the Russian credit line, no deal has been finalized.
  • Finalized official elections results are not due for release until mid July.
  • A number were chosen from which the public could vote, finalizing the final three.
  • However no place for the location has been finalized yet.
  • Over several months, the design was finalized and the factory prepared for production.
  • The level of agreement necessary to finalize a decision is known as a decision rule.
  • However, the deal was abandoned at a later date and did not finalize.
  • The plans have yet to be finalized due to the fact that the site is on government property.
  • They also intended to finalize it by the end of the year.
  • They stated that they were finalizing the record and wanted to focus on that at the moment.
  • The marriage had already broken up long before this divorce was finalized, however.
  • Students also register for classes and finalize their financial aid needs then.
  • It's been finished for months now, it's just taking longer than expected to finalize everything.
  • By June of that same year the terms of the deal were finalized but not published.
  • The decision to start a new league is finalized and announced.
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Meaning of finalize

  • verb Make final; put the last touches on; put into final form
    let's finalize the proposal