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  • The council are currently finalising plans for the new centre, its location still not public knowledge.
  • The deal was finalised just three hours before the close of the transfer window.
  • The new land claims process has not yet been finalised however.
  • Independence had been finalised only two months before the tour began.
  • The transfer was finalised five days later when he passed a medical and signed a five-year contract.
  • The final name for the bridge will be finalised by end of June.
  • Plans were even made for a sports centre or a prison were but were never finalised.
  • This will be done even before the costs claim has been finalised.
  • He confirmed that the funding should be finalised and within place the following week.
  • When the album was in its final stages, all of the finalised data was lost.
  • Once the results were finalised, the newly elected representatives selected a prime minister.
  • He first studied law, then theology, and then history, before finalising his studies with art history.
  • On the down side, plans for other sections of the new line have still not been finalised.
  • In the following two years the car was finalised for production.
  • However, personal terms were not agreed and the deal was not finalised.
  • The song went back and forth between Xenomania and their band several times before being finalised.
  • Some of the eastern sections of the route are yet to be finalised.
  • There is also space above for retail property or a library although this has yet to be finalised.
  • Any person could withdraw their application to be killed at any time, including after the decision had been finalised.
  • The final meeting of the panel took place that afternoon to finalise the report.
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