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  • Follow an approach similar to the one used to design the low-pass filter above.
  • Running out to their car, they saw wounded men filtering into the streets.
  • When using a red filter he found there was a lot of heat produced.
  • However they are not large enough that red blood cells can be filtered.
  • After standing for a further forty-eight hours, it is filtered once more.
  • It is unknown how long for certain the material was used in filters.
  • Another form of a digital filter is that of a state-space model.
  • The record companies would then release all music with this particular frequency band filtered out.
  • This device has filters that last about a year long for a family of five.
  • The filters only work for the type of signal they were designed for.
  • In other words we filter what we see and hear.
  • When no response is received, the port can be assumed open or filtered.
  • Internet has been allowed for business purposes so long as filters are installed.
  • The m-derived or m-type filter section is a development of the k-type section.
  • By this point, the news had filtered out to the rest of the world via radio.
  • In recent simple practice, the left eye image is filtered to remove blue & green.
  • A similar design approach is used for the other filters below.
  • It would then have to be filtered by some means, either by nature or by machine.
  • An example of a linear system is a first order low-pass or high-pass filter.
  • Low-pass, high-pass and band-pass filters were designed.
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Meaning of filter

  • noun Device that removes something from whatever passes through it
  • noun An electrical device that alters the frequency spectrum of signals passing through it
  • verb Remove by passing through a filter
    filter out the impurities