fifth position

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  • It has placed in between second to fifth position in the league in recent years.
  • He led his team to fifth position in the league table.
  • The following season he helped the club to its highest ever league finish of fifth position.
  • It can be done in first, second, third, fourth or fifth position.
  • It ended at the thirty-fifth position on the year-end chart.
  • At the moment the club finds itself in fifth position.
  • He was able to score his first points of the season by taking fifth position in Spain.
  • Spring to that side, bringing the new working foot into third or fifth position on the half point.
  • The season ended with the club finishing in fifth position for the third consecutive season.
  • Often done in first, second, third, fourth, or fifth position.
  • The final weekend of racing saw the team claim fifth position for the championship.
  • In doing so they also became the first team in history to win the premiership from fifth position.
  • However, they were able to finish one place higher on the ladder, in fifth position.
  • This point allowed Sporting to finish the month in fifth position with one game to play.
  • They qualified for the play-offs in fifth position after winning four of their last five matches.
  • Milburn led City to fifth position in his first season but only lasted another season himself.
  • He just missed out on a second medal when he finished in fifth position at the downhill.
  • After an indifferent start to their first season results improved over the second half and the team finished in fifth position.
  • On the first day of voting, four candidates were elected but the fifth position was not filled.
  • The first, second, third, fourth and fifth positions.
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