fifth grade teacher

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  • She also considers her fifth grade teacher the first person to encourage her to become a professional writer.
  • A man traveling to the funeral of his fifth-grade teacher recalls his life at the time.
  • Ben, a high school junior, is still suffering from the lack of self-esteem he developed following criticism from his fifth-grade teacher.
  • Proctor's fifth grade teacher was an inspiration and motivation for his art work.
  • His fifth-grade teacher led his class through the investigation of the Challenger accident in 1986.
  • After college, Stifler was a pharmaceutical sales representative and also a fifth grade teacher.
  • He was encouraged by his fifth-grade teacher to play music, and not having an instrument, Thomas learned to play percussion on his desk.
  • Timmy is now twenty-three years old, but is still in fifth grade with his fairy-obsessed fifth grade teacher Mr. Crocker.
  • Robinson was encouraged to develop his innate talent for the expression of visual art by a fifth grade teacher, and thereupon began building what would soon become a prodigious body of work.
  • Morimoto: Naomi's fifth-grade teacher; she deeply cares about Naomi and she tries to help her with her problem with the boys.
  • The program was started by People's Light co-founder Danny Fruchter, with help from Barbara Masters, a fifth-grade teacher from General Wayne Elementary School in Malvern, PA.
  • That same year on December 18, 2012 a jury awarded a $23 million settlement to a 14-year-old boy who had been molested repeatedly by his fifth grade teacher at Queen Anne Place Elementary School in the Mid-Wilshire area, one of the largest awards in the history of the school system.
  • Following the 2010 Haiti earthquake, students at the Morley school took up a collection in honor of Dr. Anton Alerte, the husband of fifth grade teacher Heather Alerte, who did part of his residency in Haiti.
  • In 1979, while working as a third and fifth grade teacher in Williamston, Michigan, Tesco Vee and his friend Dave Stimson self wrote and self printed Touch and Go, a Lansing-based zine, and one of the pioneering punk and hardcore punk zines.