Fifth Army

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  • Its primary role became the close support of Fifth Army ground troops.
  • He was sent to the front and assigned to the Fifth Army.
  • It became the first Fifth Army unit to reach the river.
  • Many of the senior officers in the Fifth Army were also German.
  • The German right wing began to give way to Fifth Army.
  • We had been transferred back again into the Fifth Army. Cited from The Fife and Forfar Yeomanry, by D. D. Ogilvie
  • This was the headquarters of the Fifth Army, and this the commander-in- chief. Cited from Antwerp to Gallipoli, by Arthur Ruhl
  • He was on the General Staff of the Fifth Army in charge of the political section.
  • Only two years later he was called to Orleans as chief of staff of the Fifth army corps. Cited from Foch the Man, by Clara E. Laughlin
  • From what I saw of some of the Fifth Army staff-officers I was of the same opinion. Cited from Now It Can Be Told, by Philip Gibbs
  • In addition, the group supported the Fifth Army during the Allied drive toward Rome.
  • After two days Fifth Army was in full retreat.
  • Although short of fresh troops, the Fifth Army was to establish the northern flank of the main attack.
  • At this point, one of the more controversial incidents in the history of Fifth Army occurred.
  • The French moved their Fifth Army up to position on the line of the Sambre. Cited from The Story of the Great War, Vol. III (of 12), ed. by Reynolds, et al
  • The northern part of the German attack against the Third Army was less successful than that against the Fifth Army.
  • The front of Fifth Army was thus considerably reduced.
  • XVIII Corps adopted the same practice, which became standard in the Fifth Army soon after the battle.
  • During the Second Balkan War he served as chief of staff of the Fifth Army.
  • Moved eastward supporting the Fifth Army with close air support missions.
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