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  • Info In music, a fifteenth or double octave, abbreviated 15 ma, is the interval between one musical note and another with one-quarter the wavelength or quadruple the frequency. more...
  • This song served as the lead-off single from his fifteenth studio album.
  • Here you will see, on your left hand, the fifteenth-century town hall.
  • Some of the oldest books in the collection date back to the fifteenth century.
  • The author at once became famous, although he had not, even yet, completed his fifteenth year.
  • It is the band's fourth live album and fifteenth studio album.
  • In the fifteenth century, the king's role in this feature of government thus became small.
  • This made him the fifteenth Australian to make a century on debut.
  • He finished the season in fifteenth position without collecting any wins and only two third places.
  • In the fifteenth century, the movement spread to southern and western Germany.
  • At above sea level it is the fifteenth highest mountain in Wales.
  • His works began appearing in print before the end of the fifteenth century.
  • Artists began using far greater use of browns when oil painting arrived in the late fifteenth century.
  • This royal tradition survived in Spain until the end of the fifteenth century.
  • Leeds City lost six of their last eight games of the season to finish just fifteenth.
  • The fire festival is held on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month each year.
  • Death was named the fifteenth greatest comic book character by Empire Magazine.
  • These books appealed to the English upper classes in the late fifteenth century.
  • The school appears to have died out sometime around the fifteenth century.
  • It is the fifteenth game of the official Formula One video games series.
  • During the fifteenth series of Top Gear a race was performed around the business park.
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  • noun Position 15 in a countable series of things