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  • One or more players take part in the game, each fielding a group of units.
  • The fielding was also generally below the standard expected of first-class cricket.
  • He led the league in double plays and fielding percentage four times each.
  • Another role they play is to make fielding plays on all balls hit towards first base.
  • Fielding's men and women, once more let it be said, are all alive. Cited from Amelia Volume I, by Henry Fielding
  • In addition, the team were considered to be the best fielding side to visit Australia.
  • Fielding left the radio station a few months later however, due to other work commitments.
  • The image shows the location of most of the named fielding positions.
  • He was to stay with the Fieldings for the last weeks of his leave. Cited from Anne Severn and the Fieldings, by May Sinclair
  • It is then up to the fielding team to appeal for a decision.
  • It also brought Fielding's career in the theatre to an end.
  • Western Suburbs board opposed this decision and decided to continue fielding their own team.
  • The sea he loved so well was not to be Fielding's grave. Cited from Henry Fielding: A Memoir, by G. M. Godden
  • However, throughout the year he impressed players and fans with his fielding.
  • But in time, he comes to respect and love Fielding again.
  • However, the party did not end up fielding a candidate.
  • The series ran for three years and established Fielding with slightly older audiences.
  • In fielding ground hits the short-stop should observe the general principles for such plays. Cited from Base-Ball, by John M. Ward
  • Over the course of his career he demonstrated a higher-than-average fielding percentage and range at first base.
  • In particular, world respect was gained for their fielding ability.
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Root form of fielding is field for the verb.

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Meaning of fielding

  • noun (baseball) handling the ball while playing in the field
  • noun English novelist and dramatist (1707-1754)
  • verb Catch or pick up (balls) in baseball or cricket
  • verb Play as a fielder
  • verb Answer adequately or successfully
    The lawyer fielded all questions from the press
  • verb Select (a team or individual player) for a game
    The Buckeyes fielded a young new quarterback for the Rose Bowl