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  • They are made up of fibrous material that is generally quite strong.
  • In its natural state, it is a grey, fibrous-looking wall.
  • Until middle age the connection between the body and greater cornu is fibrous.
  • Fibrous filters have an advantage over wall flow design of producing lower back pressure.
  • Many species also develop a fibrous mass of roots at the base of the trunk.
  • He devoted his life to the study and improvement of mechanical technology of fibrous materials.
  • Because the material to be cut is non-fibrous, there is much less chance of kickback.
  • These three sets of structures are divided from each other by two processes of fibrous tissue.
  • All species of the genus form upright growth supported by a weak, fibrous root system.
  • It has thick, fibrous bark usually colored light gray and white, and long narrow grey-green leaves.
  • Gradually, over about one year, the tissue will turn from fibrous to scar-like.
  • The fibrous mass that remains in the mouth is used elsewhere.
  • The process could produce many positive images, but they were not as sharp because they were printed on fibrous paper rather than glass.
  • UAL is a good choice for working on more fibrous areas, like the upper back or male breast area.
  • Switchgrass has a deep fibrous root system - nearly as deep as the plant is tall.
  • At birth these regions are fibrous and moveable, necessary for birth and later growth.
  • When these fibrous bands form around the developing skull, the bones will not form properly.
  • Its surrounding wall, known as the case, is extremely tough and fibrous.
  • The stem is fibrous and appears to be covered with fine powder near the top.
  • Fibrous roots grow fairly close to the surface of the ground.
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