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  • On at least one occasion a mixed pair has resulted in fertile young.
  • Agricultural land was not fertile with no industry of any major importance in its territory.
  • Those who managed to survive moved to more fertile land in the nearby area.
  • The reason for being given its name is because the province is very fertile and full of natural resources.
  • The reason for being given such name is because the province is very fertile and full of natural resources.
  • The rich black soil and relatively high water table make this a fertile agricultural region.
  • They told him stories of a fertile land with much gold to be found in the many rivers.
  • The group later found that the soil at the area was fertile and settled there since then.
  • Much of the rest of the country's land is fertile soil.
  • The banks of these rivers are very fertile and are covered with trees.
  • This is considered the end of the fertile phase of a woman's life.
  • This was because the most fertile lands were situated within the city limits.
  • His most well-known research concerned so-called pure lines of the self-fertile common bean.
  • The mass majority of the fertile soil has a good quality.
  • As long as they are faithful, it will lead them through the most fertile parts of the land.
  • The female's fertile period is estimated to be approximately two months.
  • Although some soil is very fertile, it is also very thin.
  • Fertile valleys lie between the hill lines, which generally run north-south.
  • The western side of the island is more fertile and more heavily populated than the east.
  • Boys are generally fertile before they have an adult appearance.
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  • adjective Capable of reproducing