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  • Two ferries run during the summer months and one during the off-season.
  • Only by ferry could one travel from the eastern shore to the western shore.
  • We shall again be ferried over the upper part of the western mouth. Cited from To The Gold Coast for Gold, Vol. II, by Burton and Cameron
  • The island was a regular port of call for the lake's commercial ferry service.
  • A bit more to the North is located the commercial and ferry port.
  • There are numerous daily bus and ferry services between the two cities.
  • The ferry's re design was not as well received as her two sisters.
  • The ferries are double-ended so that they can travel in either direction without turning around.
  • The island can be reached by one of the public ferries or by private boat.
  • He was told that the horses should be ferried across and taken care of. Cited from Wau-bun, by Mrs. John H. Kinzie [AKA: Juliette Augusta Magill Kinzie]
  • The company introduced an additional five hours flight testing to clear production aircraft before the ferry flight.
  • He recognized the potential of steam power after working at his father's ferry.
  • She spent most of the next six months training and ferrying aircraft before returning to combat.
  • During those days, people arrived by stage coach and ferry.
  • A little while ago we were talking about ferrying ice over to the camp. Cited from The High School Boys' Fishing Trip, by H. Irving Hancock
  • The island was also served by ferries, which carried fresh water as well as people.
  • I could see by Ferry's face that there was no worse news. Cited from The Cavalier, by George Washington Cable
  • The staff used a ferrying system to get books to range ends.
  • She is the second largest one-fuselage high speed ferry in the world.
  • While ferrying troops ashore she suffered one of her crew killed in action.
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Meaning of ferry

  • noun A boat that transports people or vehicles across a body of water and operates on a regular schedule
  • noun Transport by boat or aircraft
  • verb Transport from one place to another
  • verb Transport by ferry
  • verb Travel by ferry