ferociously against

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  • When last seen he was fighting ferociously against an overwhelming number of enemy soldiers.
  • Bristow's squadron had fought ferociously against the Demon Lord, but in the end, was unable to defeat him.
  • Enraged by this, he fought ferociously against the remaining Makuta.
  • To these he recounted the scene which had taken place, raving the while so ferociously against Viglius as to induce the supposition that something serious was intended against him. Cited from Rise of the Dutch Republic, 1570-72 by Motley
  • With the wisdom that comes after the event Sir CHARLES HENRY fulminated ferociously against the "superman" who had imposed this "disastrous scheme" upon the country. Cited from Punch, Vol. 156, May 28, 1919, ed. by Sir Owen Seaman
  • While France was ruining the German people's sources of life, the peoples who had fought most ferociously against Italy became, through the War, friendly nations, and every aspiration of Italy appeared directed to lessen the prestige of the new friends and allies. Cited from Peaceless Europe, by Francesco Saverio Nitti
  • He declaims ferociously against freedom of opinion, and "the fathers of the inquisition might have reveled over the first twenty-five pages of this Protestant book, that actually blaze with the eloquent savagery and rapture of religious intolerance." Cited from Anne Bradstreet and Her Time, by Helen Campbell
  • However, during the "Hundred Days War" in February 1978, most of the 'Tanzim Party' militiamen switched sides to rejoin their former party' comrades of the MoC/Tanzim militia and fought ferociously against Syrian Army troops at the Fayadieh and Yarze districts of East Beirut.