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  • From there she has been involved in the feminist struggle, her poetry becomes more personal.
  • Several feminists saw this as an opportunity to show they were capable of public administration.
  • In fact, the ability to labor without pain was part of the early feminist movement.
  • There she developed her poetry style and her strong feminist views.
  • Soon after the strike took place, influential feminist literature spread across the country as well.
  • Some feminists claimed that the insurance industry opposed a measure they believed would cost them money.
  • Following the event, literature by various feminist activists would spread across the country.
  • The history of modern feminist movements can be divided into three waves.
  • The feminists didn't like the club either, because it wasn't political enough.
  • This drama film is one of the first pictures to advance the feminist social and political point of view.
  • She is also working on a book about her work as a feminist organizer.
  • However, even the fairy queen does not play a completely feminist role.
  • She had a large influence on the social development in Sweden, especially in feminist issues.
  • The band's musical style went along with the liberal and feminist ideas heard in their lyrics.
  • She has published several books and many articles on feminist, ecological and developing-world issues.
  • The response of the university's student-led feminist organization was to continue the production at an off-campus location.
  • They were usually feminists with shared values, involved in social and cultural causes.
  • Several of these have written from the perspective of feminist women working in the sex industry.
  • The band is also known for its feminist and left-leaning politics.
  • Cardinale is a political liberal who has supported feminist causes over the years.
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Synonyms of feminist

Meaning of feminist

  • noun A supporter of feminism
  • adjective Of or relating to or advocating equal rights for women
    feminist critique