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  • It's completely true that she had this kind of feminine energy.
  • Even though she is known for taking down many demons, she still has a feminine side.
  • Although singing is usually a feminine practice, men may be involved.
  • These were considered more feminine in that they appealed to the eye rather than the mind.
  • During this time, a lot of American models who were considered more feminine looking moved abroad.
  • By so doing, she shows a desire to control aspects that are, for her culture, feminine.
  • These feminine and plural forms had much more extensive use in ancient poetry.
  • She also describes her as a very feminine male character if she really is transgender.
  • She wanted to show that she was a feminine woman as well as an athlete.
  • Despite the fact she knows that Maria is a man, she still falls for his feminine appearance.
  • She was born male and developed extremely feminine features naturally.
  • If the name has no suffix, it may or may not have a feminine version.
  • She is capable of playing a variety of roles, ranging from young boys to feminine women.
  • Fire and air signs are considered masculine, while water and earth signs are considered feminine.
  • Men are portrayed in a very feminine sense, not just women.
  • Both these cases showed the male lead characters to have far more feminine behaviours rather than masculine.
  • Note that names of cities are usually feminine in gender in Latin, even if they end in -us.
  • Cultural standards vary a great deal on what is considered feminine.
  • She therefore managed to stay within the boundaries of feminine roles without too much transgression.
  • When used so, some people use special oblique forms for feminine and plural.
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Meaning of feminine

  • noun A gender that refers chiefly (but not exclusively) to females or to objects classified as female
  • adjective Associated with women and not with men
    feminine intuition
  • adjective Of grammatical gender